Athlete Nutrition Themes

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Nutrition is a very important part of everyday life having the proper nutrition helps all individuals from active adults to highly competitive athletes. This article touched on four main themes nutrition for athlete preparation, Performance Nutrition, nutrition for special populations, and Roles and responsibilities of sports dietitians. To preform sports at a high level an athlete needs the proper nutrition to enable the best performance possible. Consuming the right amount of various energy fulling substances can greatly enhance an athletes energy output during a game. In addition, an athlete’s energy requirements can change depending on what training block is there are many external and internal factors that can dictate energy needs such …show more content…

Carbohydrates provide the muscle and Brain with the energy required to perform. Athletes should consume carbohydrates at least an hour prior to physical activity. In addition, proteins are very important in an athletes diet protein is very essential for exercise performance. Although protein does not have the same effect on muscle, protein synthesis as it does post exercise. In addition, some athletes that prefers to have a vegetarian diet. Although they are eating health are also causing themselves to having low in takes of certain substances such as lipids, irons, proteins, and B-12 because of this athletes should educate themselves on how to replace the micro and other substances that are not being supported through their vegetarian …show more content…

The practice of exposing higher or more difficult altitude in an athletes training the primary goal of altitude training is to increase red blood cells Athletes that perform this type of training face a reduction in plasma volume, but as their body get to this type of training red blood cells increase. In addition, the training of high altitudes might increases chances of infection illness, and suboptimal adaptation training. In addition, extreme training environments can stimulate different factors such as cold and heat that will allow the body to regulate its thermoreceptors and adjust the body according. For example in a hot environment, evaluated body temperature can cause symptoms of heat exhaustion and dizziness, and heat stroke. Cold environments just as exercising in heat can cause adverse effects on the body temperatures that drop below normal level can cause shivering to keep the bodies’ trunk area at a manageable

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