Athletic Trainer Influenced My Life

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Many people have influenced me to be where I am right now, these people include my mother who pushes me to my potential, especially at the times when I need it most. Another great influence I go would be my own athletic trainer Jaime, who has not only taken care if me my four years of high school, but has showed me what it would be like to be her, and what it takes to get to that point. Without Jaime as one of my major influences, I most likely would be undecided and not know what career path I wish to pursue. I have very few friends in which I can consider close, my best friend Deanna is without a doubt one of the top in my life, she has been with me through everything and makes sure to check me when I am slacking. I am very grateful for …show more content…

Recognition is key for me because much like other people, I like when my hard work is recognized, and being an athletic trainer I feel it would be. Most people play sports out of passion and love for the game in which they play. So when an injury occurs the last thing they want is to be taken away from that. That is where I come in and do everything in my power to asses and make sure that they are fit to continue, and sometimes all it takes is some simple taking care of, and when that happens the patient is grateful and I feel my work is recognized. Relationships is the most important value to me, I want to help others and build relationships that can last anywhere from thirty seconds to a lifetime. Being a very outgoing person, relationships are a major key value because I want to have a good working relationships with all of my coworkers and all that I encounter …show more content…

My personality reveals that I am extroverted meaning that I am focused and draw energy from those around me, this is very important with my career choice since I will have to interact with hundreds of people. I work very well with groups, and people enjoy being around me which would make my job that much easier, and people would be able to feel comfortable with me. My personality could also be described as being a sensor, this meaning that I work diligently, excel at hands on activity, and remain focused when considering facts. This is exactly the skills needed to be an athletic trainer since all of the work is hands on and I would have to remain focus while determining what has to be done with an injury of sorts. Last but not least, my personality shows that I am a judger, which means that I stay organized and methodical, and I am decisive. This is very much needed in my field because being in charge of so many athletes at a time requires me to stay organized. Also, being decisive is needed because I need to decide very quickly what is going to be done with a patient and how it will be

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