Atlantic Capital Card Business Plan

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Atlantic Capital Visa Business Cash Card Login and How to Apply
Atlantic Capital Visa Business Cash Card is suitable for small business owners as they can earn handsome cash back as they use the card. Similarly, FSG online banking is available to these cardholders for online payments and account management. FSG Bank is now Atlantic Capital Bank after its merger. You can apply online on the Elan Financial Services website, as it is the issuer and creditor of this credit card. Visit the card features page to learn about the advantages available to you when you qualify for this card. Some prominent highlights of the card are
• 3% cash back on office supply store purchases along with phone or internet services
• 2% cash back on spending on restaurant …show more content…

How To Apply For Atlantic Capital Visa Business Cash Card
• Step 1: Click on the Apply Now button on the above card features page.

• Step 2: Enter the name of the business on the card. Then, enter business name, Tax ID, detailed address, and alternate mailing address if any. Continue by specifying the number of years at this address, year of starting the business, phone number, gross annual sales, legal structure, and the nature of the business. Then, specify doing business as, address if different from the above address, industry type, country of the business formation and primary operations, monthly cash and international transactions.
• Step 3: Select if the business offers check cashing, prepaid cards, or other monetary services along with the cash access option.
• Step 4: Enter account relationship information like assets and length of relationship with Atlantic Capital Bank by specifying the amounts.
• Step 5: Provide the business owner information like type, name, SSN, birth date, phone number, email address, residence address, alternate mailing address if any, annual income, and the ownership percent.
• Step 6: Select if you require balance transfers, beneficial owners, or employee cards and provide relevant information about the

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