Attendance Policy for Colleges in the South Essay

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There has been on many occasions in the past im sure in everyones life that because someone was late or they weren't able to get to where they were supposed to be that it affected the ability for them to do what they needed in a satisfactory way. This topic of being on time and present is very interesting in the fact that it affects so many people and how they get things done. Everyone knows that when people don't show up and are not present that they don't always get the whole picture or any of it at all to be honest. Coming to class is not a very high thing on the to do list for most college students so why do they do it, because they know that it is vital to their success in the class. I think that just like high school we should have…show more content…
Having a strict rule like this will definitely show the student why class is so important. Students who miss or skip out on class actually miss more than they think like for example one day the teacher might go over the next test or maybe just sit there for an hour you never know that why its so important to go to class. Parents would most likely agree because they're the ones paying for most if not all of their schooling and believe that students should be punished for not going to class.
A good argument that still has flaws is that students pay for school therefore they should be able to come and go as they please if they don't want to go to class then they don't have to. Yes this does sound good in theory and is probably what most people think but why should they or anyone really have that attitude why not strive for the best in all of us and try to make it to class. The school has the power to do this and make it to where the rules i talked about earlier can be enforced and really make a difference academically for most students. Bringing in this policy would make teachers happier as well and maybe even work for less who knows which would save the college money. Having a greater rate of students doing better overall because they can actually focus in class would make the school better as a whole and make the educational mission of the college that much close of a
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