Attending College: Comfort, Cost, And Community

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The choice of where to attend college is one of the biggest decisions that one will have to make in his lifetime. There are many things to consider when comparing colleges, but one of the most important personal choices that a future college student will have to make is whether to go away for college or to stay close to home. Each choice has its pros and cons, but which choice has more pros than cons? There are three main ideas to consider when pondering this choice: comfort, cost, and community. Staying close to home when attending college is a better choice compared to going away when considering the three ideas of comfort, cost, and community. One of the most important things to think about when deciding whether to stay at home or go …show more content…

Community in this sense is referring to the friends and family of the student. Typically, the classmates and friends of the future college student will leave home for college, creating a feeling of loneliness for the student who chooses to stay at home. This is not all bad, though, as it leaves more time for him to focus on work and family. This situation contrasts greatly with the one of him who chooses to leave for college. He will be thrown into the mix with others just like him and will most likely find others that he clicks with quite quickly. He will also grow close to his roommates in the first few months of staying with them which will be some of the strongest friends he will obtain. Another thing to consider for him who leaves is the severance of the relationship between him and his parents. These situations contrast quite greatly, but the community of the student who goes away for college will flourish compared to that of the student who chooses to stay …show more content…

Three main aspects of this choice are community, cost, and comfort. The community of him who leaves home for college will grow greatly in the sense of the amount of his friends, but will diminish in the sense of his family. The cost of living at home while attending college will be much less when compared to the room and board of an average college. The comfort of staying at home is much greater than the distressing event of leaving home. Overall, the pros and cons weigh in the favor of staying home for college when considering the three aspects of community, cost, and

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