Attention! Attention! Your Lifestyle Is Under Attack. In

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Attention! Attention! Your lifestyle is under attack. In an era of economic uncertainty, the living and lifestyle of many middle class Americans is being severely threatened. Even stable, profitable, enterprises are using the recession as an excuse to cut, outsource, and restructure their workforces. So, no matter how safe your job may appear, you must have a solid economic survival plan in place. When you create your economic survival plan, you 'll have to set forth your overall goals, objectives on the way to achieving your goals, specific work steps to take towards your objectives, timetables for reaching your objectives, and a budget for achieving your objectives. Some of the goals, objectives, and priorities you should consider when …show more content…

You can 't get to a job interview without reliable transportation. It makes sense for a family to always own at least one vehicle outright. 6) An Interview Suit - If a layoff rocks your world, the last thing you 'll want to do is shop for clothes using your dwindling severance pay. Gentlemen, get your interview suit, shirt, shoes, socks, and tie in order now. 7) An Updated Resume - This is a good time to quietly update your resume. Have some friends and relatives review it and check for misspellings and typos. There is nothing worse than sending out a flawed resume to dozens of employers. 8) An Backup Profession - If your job function was suddenly moved to a third world country where everyone apparently has five years of experience in your profession, what is your Plan B? It might be worthwhile to think of and lay the groundwork for alternative professions now rather than in the middle of a personal crisis. 9) A Training Plan - This economic downturn is a great time to skill up for the challenges ahead. When you take on new training, be wary of scams and look for something that will provide a verifiable return on your investment. 10) A Political Strategy - If your livelihood is being threatened by foreign competition, mass immigration, or Wall Street greed, you must make your views known to your political representatives. Instead of going quietly, go to and lobby your elected officials.

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