Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Essay

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The article I have chosen to summarize relates to a medical condition known as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Barbara A. Clay wrote about “Easing ADHD without Meds” presumably as there is a growing numbers of children and adult afflicted with the condition. As the article correctly observed, in the US alone, there are an estimated 7 percent of children ages 3-17 afflicted with ADHD. Hence, this alarming numbers have raised the concerns of many parents, psychologists and other health-care providers in continually looking for ways to treat or ease the effects associated with ADHD thru non-pharmacological approaches. As such, in this article a focus is on behavioral treatments for ADHD which are considered to be highly …show more content…

Through these methods, those concerned have the choices to adopt different kinds of interventions without using medicines in easing or treating ADHD.
However, even if there are non-pharmacological approaches and behavioral interventions provided for the treatment of ADHD, this article gives an emphasis to early intervention programs to children with ADHD. Accordingly, “Early intervention in the preschool years offers the opportunity to get a head start on trying to bridge the gap between students with attention problems and their peers." If children with ADHD are provided with early intervention, this would mitigate the effects of ADHD on children. Moreover, as recommended in the article, a lifestyle change may prove to be useful in the treatment of ADHD without using medicines. Healthy living thru regular physical exercise is one way of intervention that can be given to children with ADHD. It helps the child afflicted with ADHD to maintain focus on their activity. Another form of no-cost intervention is proper sleep. In fact there is a finding that behavior improved among the kids who got more sleep and deteriorated among those who got less. This indicates that sleep is an effective and powerful intervention which can be done without costs.
Generally, the article introduced me to the world of psychology by giving me a better understanding of the strategies that may be used in the treatment of ADHD without

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