Attitude Of Women In The Story Of An Hour

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Women and Men having different aspects on life. The stories that have been read women wrote about how they did not like their husbands. The men in the stories typically wrote about different struggles throughout their travels or about gambling, literally anything. Women and men wrote differently, for instance their messages they portray are different. There is one thing that pops up that they had in common, and it was they wrote about their everyday lives.In the Story of an Hour represents personal freedom, To Build a Fire shows adventure, and Wagner Maintee showed sacrifice. The messages of the stories, different aspects of life, and the way they view their everyday lives are how the write different and similar Kate Chopin wrote Story of an Hour in the 1800s. The story starts out as Josephine is afraid to tell Mrs. Ballard about her husband's death. She was scared, since she had a heart condition, that the news would affect it. When Mrs. Mallard receives the news she cries at first. Then she is happy and all she keeps saying is free free free. She was happy that she had personal freedom from her husband. It turns out that he was not dead and so she has a heart attack. Doctors think she …show more content…

Aunt Georgiana has to move away from her home to a real estate. A loved one has died. She gave up most of her dreams to be there. The nephew takes her to a Symphony Orchestra. Aunt Georgiana does not move. crying, she tells Clark, 'I don't want to go, Clark, I don't want to go!' She does not want to go back to the black pond or the paintless house, she wants to go back to her home where her music was and her whole life. In this story,Willa Cather, shows that sometimes people give up their dreams in order to do something that they know they have to do. In this story it is not so much about how Aunt Georgiana hated someone, it was up giving up her dreams. She did not hate her nephew but was grateful he took her to the

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