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Attitudes Toward Nursing Ones attitude toward nursing will be dependent on their experiences with professional nurses. Every person has had different experiences. This paper presents three different people with three different experiences with nursing professionals. When these three people were asked about their attitudes toward nursing it was found that, most of the time, nurses are seen as the face of health care and are vital. Each of these people have had many different types of interactions with healthcare. One person believes that nurses are the backbone; while another person, who has worked with nurses in long term care facilities, mentioned he has seen bad nurses and good nurses. During these brief interactions with different age groups it was found that the nursing profession will not be viewed the same by any two people, because of their past experiences. Brian Kinler, 62 and a cancer patient now in remission, has had many encounters with the world of nurses. During a conversation with this nursing student he was asked about his attitude to nursing as a profession. He went to tell many stories about some of his remembered meetings and ordeals. It could be heard in his voice that he has met some great nurses that have made him have a great attitude toward professional nurses. According to one study, Brian, may have been one of the lucky people who did not have to deal with the negativity that is often found in an oncology setting. The study found that patients

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