Attitudes Towards Love in Pre-1900 and 1990's Poetry Essay

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Attitudes Towards Love in Pre-1900 and 1990's Poetry “The Despairing Lover” written by William Walsh was written pre 1900 whilst the second poem “I Wouldn’t Thank you for a Valentine” by Liz Lockhead was written in the 1990’s. These poems are almost a century apart. Attitude towards love changes over time and these poems represent this. I Wouldn’t Thank you for a Valentine is about how people think about Valentine’s Day in the 1990’s, while The Despairing Lover is showing what people think and how important they see love in the 1990’s. In “The Despairing Lover” William Walsh sets out the poem like a story with a beginning a middle and an end. This narrative structure of the poem gives the poem three clear stages this making…show more content…
This enables me to come to the conclusion that the poet isn’t a strong enough to cope with this matter by himself. This also shows the poets frame of mind. It suggest the poet see it as love or nothing and that he was obsessed with this girl. It gives an insight into his relationship with this girl that it was only a one way thing, he really loved her but she didn’t really love him and that’s why he is really upset. In the despairing lover, the idea we get of the setting is the Cliffside where he wants to commit suicide. He chooses somewhere like a cliff to kill himself as it is a lot more dramatic to jump of a cliff. This could also show us that the poet is maybe doing this for attention and that he was never really going to kill himself but was just trying to make a scene this is another insight into how the poet is thinking. The setting also shows the time when the poem was written, as at that time it would be very typical way to commit suicide by jumping of a cliff or a building. While in today’s society, a typical way to commit suicide would probably be to take an overdose of tablet or slit your wrists. In addition, the idea of the poet committing suicide because of love tells us a lot about the poet. You would expect that if anyone was going to kill themselves it would the woman out of the relationship, as they are more in touch with there emotions. It is very much

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