Attraction and Relationships

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Kaitlyn Carty 9 October 2013 Professor Haun COMM 1302 Section #12566 Relationships Throughout life, we maintain all types of relationships and on all levels. The relationships can be with our spouses, family members, friends, neighbors, and religious affiliations and even our colleagues. Within all of these relationships, communication is the key element in maintaining a successful relationship. Communication allows the process by which senders and receivers exchange messages in a given context. The type of relationship that will be discussed here is the relationship between a man and a woman. There are certain concepts that definitely come to play with this type of relationship, and…show more content…
After constant back and forth conflicts, Mary decided after class one day to take Gregg out to their favorite Mexican restaurant to discuss some of the issues that they were having (8-Scene, 9-Purpose). It was completely evident the way Gregg sat at the table and the look on his face that he wanted to be anywhere but there at that time (10-Theory of Kinesics). Gregg wanted to avoid as much confrontation as possible. Mary felt that it was a perfect setting for them to have a conversation to talk out their problem but she could sense Gregg’s discomfort (11-Dramatistic Pentad). Mary began by expressing to Gregg how she felt about the issues they were having and that for things to work out with them, a common understanding and equality was needed (12-Affects Display, 13-Equifinality, 14-Open System). Gregg shook his head in agreement and stated he was willing to put the effort into their relationship because he did not want to lose her (15-Speech Accommodation Theory/ (Nonverbal) Speech Convergence Phenomenon, 16-Compliance Gaining Strategies/Positive Expertise). After that discussion at the restaurant, their bond grew strong and got stronger as time went by. They talked-out their problem the minute they realized they one. If not, they would reach out to one of their close friends to help them settle their differences and see other’s point of view (17-Emblems,
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