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Audit Program Design Part II ACC/546 May 2, 2011 Audit Program Design Part II The audit of Apollo Shoes, Inc. requires a design of steps to develop audit objectives to plan the audit. The financial statements are divided into cycles to better manage the audit and disperse to staff within the firm. The following cycle’s sales and collection, payroll and personnel and acquisition and payment were developed to design test of controls, substantive tests of transactions and analytical procedures. Anderson, Olds, and Watershed, LLP will be designing test of controls, substantive tests of transactions and analytical procedures for Apollo. This will allow our firm to better understand the internal controls within their company along…show more content…
Auditors measure the amounts of receivables on hand, how old the accounts are in the general ledger, and the amount of bad debts the company is estimating for non collectable accounts. Testing will also be done to ensure that money collected is posted to the correct receivables accounts; this test alerts auditors to any fraudulent accounting practices in Apollo Shoes such as embezzlement or theft. If a large number of the random sample contains several violations of GAAP or the company's accounting policy, a second sample will be tested to determine how pervasive the errors are in the accounting process for the sales and collection cycles. Upon completing the audit, a written assessment will be given to Apollo Shoes management with recommendations on correcting any accounting violations (Arens, Elder, & Beasley, 2006). Payroll and personnel cycle Audit Objective Test of Control Test of Transaction Personnel records contain Examine the personnel records Compare an employees accurate and detail for proper documentation, information with detail information about the employee copies of drivers’ license on on file. including of rates of pay, file, W-4. Review for signatures W-4, union records, authorized deductions, etc. Authorization cards for rate Examine documents for Review information changes, new hires, termination

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