Auditory Issues In Children With Asperger's Syndrome

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Auditory Issues in Children With Asperger's Syndrome
Physical sensitivity can be a typical problem for children with Asperger's Syndrome with data suggesting that about 40% of Asperger's children experience with some sensitivity. The most common sensitivities are with the feelings of sound and touch, though hypersensitivity is also noted in the value of taste, odor, light intensity, and color.

Current research demonstrates children with Asperger chat room vary from neurologically typical children in the way they've trouble in distinguishing between simultaneous sounds from different sources and process sound and they discriminate. This may manifest as difficulties in distinguishing between different sounds when several people are talking or …show more content…

With the child's effect ranging from gentle disappointment through to a phobia, complete with anxiety attacks, with regards to the supply of the sound. Waiting for the relatively peaceful click the local level crossing gates create as they to climb effects in my daughter both standing well back or adding his fingers in his ears, whereas the mere mention of a probable fire alarm test in college may bring on a panic attack. Adults, and additional children, with Asperger dictionary, might rather be vulnerable to multiple different sounds occurring simultaneously or to more ongoing, particularly high-pitched sounds.

To cope with their noise sensitivity, some children make or may hum strange sounds to override the overwhelming auditory input. An alternate solution, on the child and the condition, is to listen to songs on headphones, which again has got the result of drowning out external sound. Using this strategy with older children might have the extra benefit of masking noises which may otherwise disturb them, thus allowing better attention, for instance when completing homework

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