Australia Suicide Statistics

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Australian statistics say that for every suicide completed there are 30 that have attempted. It is good to know the warning signs of suicide for risk management and suicide prevention. When people have suicidal thoughts you may hear them saying things like, “life isn’t worth living”, “everyone will be better without me”, “I cant deal with this anymore”, “I would be better dead” or “nobody understands me”; if you hear people saying a few of the following you should definitely look deeper into it. Suicide is the most serious symptom of server depression, warning signs of depression/suicide would be sad moods, change in persons weight or appetite, loss of interest the feeling of worthlessness, thoughts of death and self destructive behavior e.g. self medicating. When coming across these symptoms it is best to ask clear and direct questions, it may seem hard to bring the topic up; but it is best for the client to know that someone does care and is noticing. Some conversation starters you can use are “I have been feeling concerned about you lately “, “I just wanted to see if everything is okay, you haven’t been yourself lately” when client tells you how they feel you should go deeper by asking when they started feeling the way they do, how can I support you. You must be supportive and let them know that they are not alone that we are here and that they wont feel like that forever.

There is always something that lies behind the thought of suicide, no one wakes up in the
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