Australia 's Current Beef Export Of Live Animals

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Recently there have been a number of questions raised here providing controversy surrounding the beef exporting industry in regards to the export of live animals. Animal activist groups and other like-minded people have protested against as to what they perceive to be cruel treatment in which the animals face from the minute they leave the farm to the moment they arrive at the foreign abattoir. Groups such as Animal Australia, exposing such cases where animals are being treated inhumanly from the ship to the abattoir. (Reference) Conversely there are other views that people… who state that there is This report examines the arguments for and against live beef export. Australia’s current beef exporting position Currently, Australia is…show more content…
(The expected Australian standards) The case for live beef export industry Live beef export refers to the transportation of live cattle from nation to another; Australian cattle mainly destined to be slaughtered overseas in countries such as Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the Middles East. ( The Australian government has a responsibility to ensure that exporters maintain a high standard of animal welfare throughout the exporters chain, for the sake of the exported livestock, farmers, exporters and communities that rely on livestock for their livelihood. ( The livestock industry trade is a significant part of rural Australia and to the red meat industry. Since mid 70s the trade has grown considerably to become a part of Australia 's agriculture export earnings. Being one of the largest exporters, generating around $700 million in direct export earnings in 2015. ( Fig. 1 Australian live cattle exports and value ( Figure. 1 Shows the amount of cattle that have been exported over the past 5 years and their value. There is a clear distinction, which shows that within the years that
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