Australia 's National Workplace Relations System

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Introduction Nowadays, it is widely thinking that law was a boring and inflexibility subject, but I wonder that may not the right viewpoint. For example, in my college the professor likes us to attending the Fair Work Tribunal/Fair Work Australia (FWA), have hearing and discussing the case, I think that makes law became very interesting and vividly, because by time when we hearing the real cases, those knowledge’s could deep-going in our mind. Firstly, I would like to introduce what is the FWA, the Fair Work Australia is “The Australia’s national workplace relations system, the Fair work system, started on 1 July 2009 and was created by the Fair work Act 2009; it covers the majority of workplaces in Australia” (, 2015). Which is …show more content…

Last couple days, I went to the FWA with my class mate. We get to the level 4 reception and asking the reception lady witch case we can attend, and we had been told there have a case in court 3 level 6 it is public out to the people… Issues Mr Xing Cai (William) Dong (the Applicant) made an application which was received by the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) on 8 July 2015, alleging that the termination of his contract to provide services to Stegbar Pty Ltd T/A Stegbar (Stegbar – the Respondent) in August 2013. The Applicant was working with the Respondent in late February 2013, as a subcontract glass installer under a contract between the Respondent and the Applicant 's company, XD House Pty Ltd. Specifically, the Applicant was engaged to install wardrobes and shower screens on behalf of the Respondent. The Respondent wrote the Applicant to giving notification to terminate the contract between it and the Applicant 's company on 9 July 2013. That letter stated that the termination of contract would take effect on 8 August 2013, and

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