Australian Mango Exports

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The mango has become a fairly common commodity for most consumers, so it is dubious that market increases continue to rise as they have during the last few years. A resolution to increasing consumption without further reductions in price may be possible if new cultivars of improved appearance and quality environmentally friendly cultivation systems were to be developed. Australian produce is acknowledged for its great consistency and quality. With that in mind an issue to consider would be, once Australian mangoes have been exported they must find a way to segregate ad differentiate Australian mangoes from other internationally sourced products. Traders and consumers often view fruits as undifferentiated products or commodities. Yet by creating consumer demand for specific varieties through the use of branding and marketing you have an opportunity to raise prices and secure stability. Just like any other good or service, consumer enjoy brand loyalty and with brand loyalty comes product differentiation. Branding Australian mangoes with as simple as a sticker on each mango, or a logo as well as primary packaging will assist to identify- and will create a sense of brand. These strategies result in different marketing techniques such as those relating to labelling and advertising communication (case 2). Two elements essential to the trade process that affect the pricing for Australian mango exports are local supply and demand. Low domestic prices of mangoes deliver the

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