Essay on The Success of Woolworths

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Executive Summary
The following report will investigate the Australian retail/grocery supermarket Woolworths and its parent company Woolworths Limited. This report will explore the success Woolworths and its contribution to the Australian economy.

It will examine the following subjects: * About Woolworths * Business Structure * Responsibilities to Stakeholders * Internal and External Influences * Strategies for Future Growth

About Woolworths
Woolworths is a conventional supermarket owned by Woolworths Limited. It started as a basement store in Pitt Street in 1924, and is now one of the leading competitors in the supermarket business. With over 850 stores in Australia, and 110,000 Woolworths staff, they provide …show more content…

They have responded to these influences as they see fit.

Internal Influences
Marketing Strategies
Woolworths has capitalized on the idea of becoming ‘the fresh food people’. They have implemented various different ways to approach the customers by informing them of healthy food choices, as well as fresh food facts. They have created a website that informs them of how and where their produces are made. They create commercials of ‘Fresh Market Update’, which summarizes which fruits and vegetables are in season. Their magazines, the Fresh magazine and Australian Good Taste, are a monthly magazine that shows healthy recipes to recreate. This marketing push on their slogan reassures the customers that their choice in retailer to buy from is the healthiest choice.

With over 850 store across Australia, customers are much more connected to the business. They are located in almost every metropolitan and regional area, with their fruits and meat suppliers close to the eastern suburbs.

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This strategy to keep most of their supplier

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