Australian Is The Land The Rules And Regulations

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Australian is the land the rules and regulations. I don’t think I have ever lived in country that is so highly regulated like this one. Australian has about seven states and they all govern themselves thus they have their own laws that maybe different from other states. The Australian government, state and territory government legislation exists to protect businesses, consumers, individuals, the environment and the community. This enables a conducive environment for business to flourish as well as to promote fair-trading and competition. One would ask why should governments spend enough time putting place such regulations. This is because without laws to govern how businesses operate and interact with their suppliers, customers and fellow businesses, there will be chaos every well and it would be each man for himself and God for us all. Thus, regulations stipulate what can and cannot be done in the business environment and what can be done when conflict arises. For example, If Mangoes for Charity promised customers that it would refund them up to $20 if they bought 3 boxes and referred at least three new customers to buy mangoes. If this company breached such an arrangement then, the Australian Consumer law would provide a service by protecting the consumer’s right. Thus, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission could argue in favour of the consumer that the business misled customers when it informed them that they had no cooling off rights. It was not explained to
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