Authoritarian Personality Is A Personality Type

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Authoritarian Personality is a personality type in which an individual inhibits prejudice It is caused by a variety of certain circumstances, which were narrowed down by Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswik, Levinson, and Sanford during the year 1950. Through many tests and analysis of over 2,000 respondents from middle classes Whites to inmates of San Quentin State Prison, they were able to figure out the characteristics associated with authoritarian personality. The characteristics include compliance in beliefs of conventional values, not having criticism towards authority and complying to authority, and concern regarding power and toughness. Also, the intolerance of those with the authoritarian personality is related to aggression towards people that do not oblige to authority or conventional norms. Researchers believe that a rigid upbringing leads those who an authoritarian personality to treat others like how they were treated. Bogardus scale was created by Emory Bogardus in 1968 to measure social distance empirically. The scale determines the desire of people in associate with different racial and ethnic groups during certain social situations. After 70 years of administering the test, certain patterns have formed. White Americans and northern Europeans are on the top of the hierarchy. Eastern and southern Europeans are at a greater social distance and racial minorities are on the bottom.

Color-blind racism has been known as "laissez-faire" or "postracialism" or…
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