Autism Spectrum Disorder And Its Potential Treatments

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About Autism Spectrum Disorder and Its Potential Treatments
Courtney Bowen
West Georgia Technical College

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is characterized by various symptomology ranging from inappropriate social behavior due to inability to experience and express situation-appropriate affect and lack of interest in other persons in general to repetitive, stereotyped behavior like insistence on routine, situation-specific actions, or obsessive focus on object-placement or sensory aspects of objects. There have been several attempted strategies at correcting these characteristics of ASD over the years, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) which focuses on thought process correction and behavior alteration, …show more content…

In terms of repetitive behaviors, this may include a fixation on patterns or textures in objects, focus on following a particular routine to the point of being upset over any minor change in the routine, or repeating certain words, behaviors, or movements linked to certain situations (i.e. eating the same food every day for a given meal) (APA, 2013; Rotheram-Fuller, 2011). In terms of treatment for autism spectrum disorder, there has been debate on whether or not a strict behavioral method should be used versus medication that may affect cognition through biological

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