Autism Spectrum Disorder

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My term paper is over Autism. When exposed to the chemicals thalidomide and valfforic acid a person’s risks of getting autism are increased. This is an environmental factor of autism. Scientist know that autism is strongly influenced by genetics. Researchers have found that gene mutations are linked to autism. These genes generally affect synapses. SYNGAP1 is estimated to cause disabilities in about one million people around the world. Other genes that play roles in autism are N1GN3 and NLGNaX. People with autism usually have obsessions. Autistic individuals often do well with a routine and when it’s changed the autistic person has a breakdown finding it very hard to deal with change. Many autistic people have “Tics”. Tics are usually a repeated physical movement that is usually jerky in motion. For instance, hand flapping, head banging, body rocking or other hand tics. All tics include constant body movement. Autistic people usually show aggression towards themselves or to others. Many even show signs of mental retardation. People with autism show unusual attachment to objects or they will refuse to wear itchy clothes due to the sensitivity of their skin. Experts believe that autism presents itself during the first three years of a person’s life. A few disorders that sometimes accompany autism include seizures, fragile X or even tuberous schlerosis. The most common disorder associated with autism would be the seizures with about one third of people with

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