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During two periods of class, we took the time to watch a unique, but entertaining video on Autism, a mental condition which restricts people from communicating and participating with the people around them. This video was emotional, yet inspirational in my opinion, as it takes a different turn on the view of Autism, proving that Autistic people can do things we as normal people can do, which I think is pretty cool .
This video showed many biographies of kids who were diagnosed with autism. These kids ranged from gender to age to race, and it was clear to see that autism can affect anyone. In fact, the number of kids who are diagnosed with autism is increasing as time passes on as stated in the video. This video not only wants to promote …show more content…

Autistic kids are special people, and as stated in the video, there are some kids like Henry, who has high-functioning autism, where they are gifted in a particular subject (in his case, its dinosaurs), and with proper guidance, they can become very intelligent. Before the “Miracle Project” happened, each and every parent had their struggles, from depression to divorces, but as time moved on, they learned to adapt with their child, and after the successful project, the parents and the kids each learned something about Autism and about one …show more content…

This adds on to not accepting Autistic people into society. As Neil said, Autistic kids, including himself, tend to go into their own imaginary world. While he hates others not connecting with the real world, he also acknowledges himself as one of them. Henry likes to enter his fantasy dinosaur world and others also tend to like to enter their own imaginative world. The reason Autistic kids tend to go into their own fantasy world is because they aren’t accepted, even if they wanted to. Other kids tend to see them as deviants and not invite them to play or join them, but instead, harass them, making the autistic kids feel lonely and insecure. This is not just the case for kids. Even teenagers our age and adults, are not acceptant of Autistic people, adding on to the first point mention. However, in this video, I learned that to connect with the Autistic kids, we need to make them feel welcome, and to make them feel welcome, we must also fantasize their world and do what they do. This includes running around screaming or clapping our hands from time to time. Only then, will we be able to understand them, acknowledge them and befriend

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