Autistic Children: A Case Study

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Autism is a very complex, neurobehavioral disorder that includes impairments in social interaction and communication and development skills. It usually occurs during the first three years of life. The disorder has a large range of symptoms and levels of impairment. It can severely change the way someone lives. People with autism show little interest in other people and lack social awareness. It is troubling for them to communicate express themselves, and understand what other people think and feel. In the United States only, more than 500,000 people have been diagnosed with autism. Autistic children may have repetitive body movements such as rocking, pacing, or flapping their hands. The disorder prevents children from forming relationships…show more content…
Every child or adult with the disorder can experience the symptoms differently. Some of the most common symptoms of autism are; showing little social interaction skills, lack of interest in physical contact, little eye contact, echolalia, and has rituals or requires routine. The symptoms can point to other conditions or medical problems so it is important to consult a physician for a diagnosis. New guidelines help diagnose children with autism early for a more effective treatment for the disorder. Once diagnosed, there are many treatment options such as behavioral therapy, special education programs, and medications which are used to treat some symptoms of autism in children. (,…show more content…
People with the disorder show uneven skill development and have problems in certain areas especially trying to express themselves and social skills. Even though they have developmental delays, they may have unusually developed skills in other areas. Jake Barnett is an example of a child prodigy. He is only thirteen years old, but he is a college sophomore and a math and science prodigy. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. He takes honors classes in math and physics while doing scientific research and tutoring fellow students. No one, including his parents and doctors, thought he would be able to go to college, but they were proved wrong. “’ That, I believe, is the reason why I am in college and I am so successful’” (“Jake” 1/15/2012). Jake Barnett is proud of his autism and believes it is the reason he is a child prodigy. Another skill he has is the ability to memorize numbers or words. He memorized over two-hundred numbers of pi in one afternoon. Jake Barnett is one example of a child prodigy living with autism. (CBS News 1/17/2012) A child’s diagnoses of autism affects the every member of a family. Parents or guardians must place their full attention on helping their child with autism. This may cause marriage problems or stress on other children, work, responsibilities, finances etc. They must shift their focus to their child and also provide money and time for treatments. Although the child may never have to feel
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