Automated Design And Modelling Of Knuckle Joint

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This paper shows the methodology of developing an application for design process of machine element making a Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) in the visual basic interfacing with the solid works to automate the task of repetitive design process and design models, while reusing and modifying the existing designs in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) environment. The presented work shows the procedure for developing KBE tools for standard design process of machine element and mechanical /engineering parts and assemblies based on the empirical relations. With the proposed methodology and the developed Graphic User Interface (GUI), it is possible to achieve direct interaction between …show more content…

KBE is a system or process which collects and stores and organizes this knowledge and makes it available in the reusable form by providing computational support to the design process.

The need of KBE arouse due to problems in current knowledge structure, which is disorganized. Existing databases, designs, thumb rules, etc. are not maintained in order, which makes the reusability difficult. Current knowledge structure is not secure also, as the databases that are not prepared centrally are susceptible to changes by other designers and loose reliability. Capturing knowledge is essential, but capturing the knowledge that is not necessary would lead to confusion and decrease effective reusability. KBE systems solve all the problems which are indicated above. KBE allows designers to devote more time and effort in creative and the innovative work and makes design process simpler. KBE system automatically extracts the given necessary knowledge from every stage of design cycle, and makes this knowledge available for remaining design cycles. KBE system allows capturing and organization of knowledge in an efficient manner. With the application of KBE, it is possible to analyze the possibility of manufacturing any part, knowing whether design is optimal or there are other alternative solutions available based on the designer. The objective of the present work is to develop methodology for automating

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