Avoid Back Taxes, Avoid Additional Stress. By Pete F Morgan|

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Avoid Back Taxes, Avoid Additional Stress
By Pete F Morgan | Submitted On August 21, 2014

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The taxes we have or obliged to pay monthly, quarterly and annually will sometimes come to us as a burden, yet it is better to pay on time than to have back taxes which will be a possible headache in the making when the time comes for it to haunt you back. Taxes are here since this thing we called civilization has started …show more content…

They run our government, they protect our people and they create the basis for a much better existence.

The taxes you pay and including the back taxes as well are accumulated in the national treasury. These become the very source of valuable funds for the government in order for the government to sustain its functions and deliver goods and services to its constituents. Taxes pay for the salary of workers and also build better roads, better roads mean better access and access makes better business and will create a prosperous town, city, and nation.

Taxes also fund social welfare which the people greatly need, social welfare and social security are a must and without taxes it would not be possible to deliver such services. The importance of it and the resolution of back taxes is as clear as day.

With taxes we can build clinics, hospitals and other health services, purchase medicines and build schools for the better education of the future generation. Indeed taxes go a long way to further the survival of each citizen and the betterment of the standard of living. Paying taxes is an obligation that every citizen must diligently fulfill and as much as possible back taxes should be prevented as it would pose a big problem later on.

The most common taxes that exist today are the value added tax income taxes and value added taxes. Income taxes are generated by

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