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According to traditional Old Testament historians, Abraham became the first human to establish a covenant with God and with his second son Isaac and grandson Jacob they became the first of three Patriarchs of Judaism and Christianity. Abraham, original name Abram or Avram, along with his wife Sarah, original name Sarai, became the "Father of the Multitudes and Father of the Israelites." Sarah's hand-maiden Hagar, gave birth to Abraham's first son Ishmael who later became a prominent prophet and patriarch of the Islamic faith. Depending on which biblical family tree you read, Abram was the tenth or eleventh generation of Noah and born in the city of Ur of Babylonia. According to biblical chronology Abram dies when he is 175 years old, in 1991BC, which means he was born …show more content…

A few days later Abram circumcises Isaac and establishes another covenant with God and it is at this time when Abram's name becomes Abraham and Sarai's name becomes Sarah. Taken from Genesis 11:26, by the Redactor source, which tells that Abraham's father, Terah, is 70 years old when Abraham is born. Continue with Genesis 11:31, by the Priestly and Redactor sources, Terah takes Abraham, Sarah and Lot along with all of their household to Haran to live. Taken from Genesis 11:32, by the Redactor source, Abraham's father dies while they all are still living in Haran at the age 205 years of age. According to the previous three verses Terah was 70 years old when Abraham was born and died when he was 205 years old. Doing the math Terah is 205 years of age when he dies - 70 years of age when Abraham was born, which makes Abraham 135 years old when his father died and they all are still in Haran. Next is Genesis 12:1, by the Jahwist source, when God tells Abraham to leave Haran and move to Egypt, then in Genesis 12:4, by the Jahwist and Priestly sources, Abraham is 70 years of age when he begins his travels to

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