Awake, Relief Shelter Support Worker Case Study

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Attention: Hiring Committee

I am interested in applying for the Awake, Relief Shelter Support Worker – Overnight Trauma Counsellor position. I firmly believe in the importance of improving individuals’ lives and communities, as exhibited through my various service oriented roles in numerous communities. After reading the job description I feel that your organization requirements and my abilities are a complete match with.

The qualifications and professional knowledge I can bring to your organization include: experience working in Social and Case Management sector in my recent and various roles. In my role as a Youth Service Worker for Eva’s Satellite (Harm-Reduction Shelter), I am involve and have experience in working with homeless population, individuals with different disorders and drug addictions, and those affected by mental health challenges. In this role:

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• I provide support services work to residents in every areas; such as, advocating, support housing, referrals; and from day to day, I deal with a high volume of clients with special needs (affected with various social economic barriers and mental health challenges) by serving their needs and connecting them to appropriate resources. With rigorous training in Anti-Oppression, Mental Health, Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Techniques, and directly interacting with these clients, it enabled me to provide a holistic support-appropriate client-centered support according to the individuals’ needs.
• I have knowledge working with youths in high risk behavioural issues
• I have experience working in individuals that uses substance. Therefore, I supports in harm

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