Reflective Role As A Senior Support Worker

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My role as senior support worker is to work alongside management to provide an effective service to vulnerable adults with mental health living in the community; it is important to offer professional leadership and positive team work skills. At the beginning of my employment as a senior support worker in mental health there was minimal knowledge and experience in supporting vulnerable adults within this specific area, however CQC fundamental standards which everyone in health and social care can expect remain transferable.
- Please find attached an example of how the remaining 12 fundamental standards have also been expressed throughout my experience as senior support worker whilst evidence is shown on a day to day basis.
As my previous role was a team leader it was essential that the skills learnt previously were carried into my new role and enhanced to be able to provide the best service possible. Person centred care is vital to providing support to suit an individual's needs; I have implemented this when doing the into care plans, I sat with citizens to go through their support package which can increase the understanding of a citizens involvement in their support so that their needs are met; additionally as a senior a person centred approach is also used when supporting staff with their professional development, it is about the inclusion of staff to meet their targets and aims making them appropriate and realistic to the individual. Once this technique is embedding into

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