Azra Faulkner Chapter Summaries

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Ezra Faulkner was like any other popular, handsome, male jock. He “owned” the popular kid table, was a star athlete, and was dating the most popular girl in school. That was, until he got in a car accident. The accident left Ezra with a shattered knee joint, enabling him from ever playing sports again. His hopes and dreams went down the drain. Suddenly Ezra was thrown in a new world filled with completely different people. Ezra has a hard time moving on in the story, but he attempts to move on several times. Ezra develops through these events, giving us the theme that even though it’s not easy, sometimes you just have to move on. In the beginning of the story Ezra can see the line dividing him and his “friends,” even if it’s not very apparent. …show more content…

They slip in and out of classes listening to the lectures. It’s here when Ezra takes an interest in a certain subject. Ezra starts to change, becoming someone who’s actually seeing college as something that would be fun. Ezra begins to develop into the theme of moving on. He begins see things that he’s never seen before and he’s taking it, all that he can, in like a sponge. As the book goes on, it gets easier for Ezra to move on. His old friends start to invite him out more to do things with them, but Ezra says no, accepting the fact that he’s not part of his old group …show more content…

However, after finding out why Cassidy broke up with him, Ezra moves on. It’s hard for him, but he does it. Cassidy moves back to her boarding school and Ezra’s life goes on with him going to his hometown’s college.
Throughout the book, Ezra’s leg is always a problem. The metal in his knee, replacing part of him that was lost, symbolizes something. It symbolizes the part of Ezra he left behind when he moved on. His old, unexciting self was replaced by something more. Something that made his personality come out to fill up the empty shell of what he was told to be. In the beginning of the story, Ezra hates his leg, it being the cause of his downfall. However, in the end, Ezra doesn’t mind it as much as he once did, now accepting it as part of him.
In the end Ezra develops through the story by forgetting his old life and moving on to his new one. Even though it’s hard he manages to do so. Throughout the book, Ezra shows that he’s trying to move on, proving the theme. Even though it may be hard, sometimes you just have to move

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