B R Richardson Timber Case Study

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This case study is about B.R.Richardson Timber Products Corporation a lamination plant located in Papoose, Oregon. Part of the management team determined that there was a need for change in the organization and decided to reach out to Jack Lawler a management trainer and consultant for help. The issues which needed to be addressed were the low morale in the plant, the authoritative plant manager, and the fact that there was a resent fatality in the plant. Bowman was in charge of industrial relations at the plant and felt that a motivation course was needed.

1. How would you assess Jack Lawler’s entry and contracting process at B.R.Richardson? Would you have done anything differently?

I would say the entry and …show more content…

I would say the entry process was basically straight to the point in that he got a phone call during which time the possible organizational problems were outlined. At the same time the contracting process was never definite. I would expect that Lawler would have stated his cost in the letter as well as his terms and agreement if hired to do the job. The contract was not in writing it was verbal.
The only thing I would have done a bit differently was spend a considerable amount of time with the plant manager to try and get a grasp on how his authoritative demeanor affects his staff. I would have also viewed the company records to find out what the turnover rate is like as well as absenteeism and the lack of or presences of an incentive program. The reason why I would look for these measurements is because it can make or bring down a company. With that being said, in my opinion Jack Lawler did an outstanding job with the manner in which he gathered the information he needed to access the situation at the plant. It started with the proposal phone call from Mr. Bowman. During the conversation Lawler took the time to inquire if the plant manager was supportive of the course idea. He then suggested that he should meet with Bowman and Richardson at the plant. While there he got a rundown of the situation at the plant and he was also able to get a tour. Lawler followed up his visit with a letter outlining his thoughts going forward. There was another visit six

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