B2 Case Study

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Similarly to B1, B2 organizes online. As described in the recruitment section, the group recruits their network of friends, and tried to get to people that could of what was needed. The first stage of the group was to get people to send in postcards, and then they start showcasing the postcards throughout Mexico, as well as analyzing all of the postcards in order to make a list of the most relevant grievances and proposals send in by their followers , which they called them “10 Batallas Ciudadanas”. They presented la “10 Batallas Ciudadanas” to government officials . Within B2, according to one of the co-founders, everyone does whatever is needed, from helping put on the mounting the postcards displays, sending stuff through social media, or…show more content…
As Melissa explained, they are continually looking for the input of their followers. They take into account how people are reacting to the content, they want to ensure that those who they claim to be representing are actually supporting the tactics and the conclusions they are trying to reach. Furthermore, their looser boundary, and their consideration for what followers post, makes it easier to form alliances with strangers. There might be two things at play here, which are different from B1 logics, which are demonstrated in the different organizational and recruitment techniques. On one hand, the progress of the group is interacting with social media. B1 has only those who were admitted to their group, after fulfilling the potentially high cost requirement of being a social activist, post about the stuff that they are interested. In contrast, B2 collects from personal narratives, creating a space where strangers feel comfortable posting their comments. B2 is utilizing connective logics, through personal frameworks, to allow the many narratives with different narratives and proposals to post about representing all of society . The connection is built more from a communitarian coordination, they do not have a set of who gets to participate, either by helping to pursue the grievance collected, or who gets to decide what grievances are. But, they connect through individuals that are trying to pursue something for their initiative. Thus, the coordination is more fluid. Additionally, they work directly with both political parties and the legislature law, and they are working into implementing anti-corruption reforms for any elected official office . Unlike B1, they directly contact the legislature, and through the “connective logic”, they are utilizing the claims of representing all of the society in order to push political changes (Bennett &Segerberg 2012). This has also been
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