BEA ALP Case Study

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Challenges The main challenge across all programs in the BEA ALP comprises of learner involvement. Learner involvement takes in three dimensions in which an individual engages in our program. They include enrollment, attendance, and retention. 1. Enrollment: Overall there was a slight decrease in learner enrollment across all programs in the BEA this year. The Dartmouth North ALP (DNALP) had a slight increase in enrollment, whereas the Yarmouth ALP (YALP) remained the same compared to this time last year. On the other hand, the East Preston ALP experienced a modest decrease in enrollment in comparison to the same time last season. Enrollment is always a challenge from one year to the next. However, I believe the BEA-ALP could …show more content…

2. Attendance: Attendance is another major challenge for the BEA-ALP. There were only a few learners with an attendance rate of eighty percent or higher, and it is no surprise that these same learners are the ones who made the most progress. During the year, several learners have taken an “unexpected temporary leave” from the program. Durations for such leave can last for a few days and may last up to three weeks. Learners who take unexpected leave do so for various reasons such as; mental health issues, financial, family and relationship, substance dependency/withdrawal, low self-esteem and involvement in the justice system. ALPs are designed largely to provide reading, writing, and mathematics to adult learners; they are not equipped to address many of the social challenges that learners encounter daily. Incidentally, this role has fallen upon me, as the coordinator of the program. It can be exhausting, and at times over whelming to deal with the complexity of challenges faced by learners. I sometimes question myself for becoming involved in these situations, which can affect the time I have to perform other tasks. Some people suggest that I stick to the Coordinator’s job description. However, I feel that would be an enormous disservice to ANS, especially for the ones who have insufficient skills to deal with their situations. For example, a learner in the Dartmouth North Program pulled me aside to inform me that he was

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