Analysis and Action Plan for Student Learning (AAPSL)

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Artifact 1: Analysis and Action Plan for Student Learning (AAPSL) Part A Dana B. Chavis Gardner-Webb University Boiling Springs, NC Part A: The candidate with the approval of the school leadership will establish a professional learning community with a minimum of three peers to research areas of need in student learning and development in school. On January 17, 2012 a request was made for permission via email from principal, Roger Edwards to complete my internship at HCHS. He responded the same day and granted me the approval by email. See email 1A. On February 1, 2012 a request was made to one of our Assistant Principals, Mr. Heriberto Corral and requested permission to establish a PLC. Mr.…show more content…
While the individual teaching styles of the team were very different, it became apparent that commonality existed in terms of supporting the growth of our students. After team collaboration, we adopted the following vision statement: “We will provide a classroom climate that fosters thoughtful and respectful consideration of alternative viewpoints and ideas, personal ownership of learning, and individual construction of personally meaningful knowledge.” Once the team’s vision had been established, we became very honest about our personal and professional strengths and our target areas of growth. From this conversation, the team was able to clearly define the focus and responsibilities of the PLC Leader and individual team members. The meeting was successful and everyone is excited about working together. Our vision will remain in the forefront of our meetings, reminding us to always provide a climate in our classrooms that fosters thoughtful and respectful consideration of all viewpoints. The information from our meeting was provided to our leadership team via email. This was the responsibility of the team, along with the minutes (chart minutes 1F) from the meeting. See email 1E. PLC Leader/Dept. Chair and Team Members Responsibilities PLC Leader (Chavis): 1. Lead team with a “big picture” mindset focused on the Hoke County Career Management essential questions: How will you know they have learned what you have taught? What will you do for those who have
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