Baby Boomer Research Paper

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Preston Chiew Baby Boomers constructed America in the 1960s, and soon the Millennials will get their chance. Baby boomers are currently the largest generation of active workers. Research has shown that boomers identify their strengths as organizational memory, optimism, and their willingness to work long hours. Many earned, many still earn high incomes. The millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, are starting to enter businesses in large numbers. However, they do not have the same views and values when working compared to the Boomers. This Boomers grew up in organizations with large corporate hierarchies, and Millennials grew up with management structures and teamwork based job roles. By 2025, millennials will make up the 75% of the workforce replacing the Boomer generation. But, are they ready for the workforce and is the workforce ready for them? I think they would be ready if businesses are able to change and adapt towards them. Millennials have a different point of view on what they expect on their work experience. Most …show more content…

Using Bloomberg Business Summit polls, 6 in 10 students say they are not considering a career in business, and 48% said they have not been encouraged to do so. Business in general having a branding problem. Most students think of business as a place like the office or Wall Street to earn money. I asked some students if they would work as an real estate or a banker in the future and they decline and thought it would be a waste of time or not enough money. Asking the same students if they wish to work for Facebook or Google, and they would gladly work there. Millennials care about more than just taking home a paycheck, they care about working at an organization which makes an impact in their lives to benefit them. However, business is just a vague word, that contains a lot of factors of all jobs. Not just the office where you fill out forms and

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