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Back Bay Battery, Inc.
The battery industry is enormous, with worldwide revenues of approximately $45 billion. It is highly fragmented with at least 20 major manufacturers in each technology segment. Because of the wide range of applications of batteries, companies have tended to specialize in a particular technology or market application. Disposable batteries, such as the widely available carbon-zinc and alkaline cells, are available in standard sizes such as AA, C, and D, and they are a fast-moving consumer-good category with emphasis on manufacturing efficiency and scale, marketing and branding, and distribution efficiency.
One of the earliest forms of rechargeable battery was the wet …show more content…

Interestingly, battery makers have tended to focus in relatively narrow product segments and technologies. Disposable-battery makers have typically not become major players in rechargeables, and rechargeable-battery manufacturers tended to stick with a particular technology or product focus
(laptop computers, mobile phones, portable power tools, etc.)

Back Bay Battery, Inc., in 2012
Back Bay Battery is one of over 20 major manufacturers of NiMH batteries. The field is crowded, but manufacturers have been riding rising a tide of demand from consumers for portable electrically powered devices.
Though the technology is relatively mature, the company is anticipating continuing strong volume-growth rates, primarily due to rapid consumer adoption. The worldwide market is projected to grow at 9.0%. Pricing pressure is significant, though, as more East Asian competitors continue to drive commoditization of NiMH cells. Back Bay’s sales manager has learned to track the market pricing closely, as being out of step with the market can cause dramatic market share changes in a relatively short time.
Li-ion batteries have pretty much replaced NiMH in the market for laptop computer batteries.
The first commercial Li-ion battery was produced by Sony in 1991. Li-ion batteries are favored for mobile devices because they can store a high density of energy for a given weight. They can be fabricated in many shapes,

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