Back in Time to Pinkalicous Essay

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Miles away from Earth, there is a planet that has everything you could ever dream of. The wonderful planet’s name is Pinkalicious. My best friend Toga and I are heading to our school Skyscraper High. The only transportation we have is on my big Elis. Elis is just a beginner in flying and has a lot of problems with his flying. “ Is this safe,” exclaimed Toga. “ Sure, if you want to tell yourself that,” I said with an unsure look on my face. I really wasn’t sure if Elis was safe to ride, but we needed ride badly because if we are late to class again we will have to sit in the freezer. I can’t do another hour of sitting in that freezer again. I heard Mrs. Eve locks the bad kids in there to let them freeze into ice cycles. Someone in a grade …show more content…

So Toga and I went to visit Nikki in her lab to get my mind off of what Mrs. Eve told me about my powers. When we walked through the door of the lab Nikki was freaking! Toga had to freeze her and then melt her to calm her down. After we finally got her unfrozen she sat us down and told us. She said that Mrs. Eve was about to have a nervous breakdown because of the nuclear change in on our planet. She could possibly destroy the town with all the rage she will have. Then something came to my mind. It’s like a lightbulb went off in my head. I mentioned “ Why don’t we build a time machine? To go back in time to the day you built Mrs. Eve and stop you from mixing the wrong stuff together .” “ That could work,” said Nikki, “ But how would we build a time machine?” I suggested, “ We could use some old parts of yours from you old projects that you never finished.” All I know is that we better build it fast before Mrs. Eve attacks the city. The next day we started building the time machine. I figured that just three of us couldn’t build a working time machine so I sent Toga out to go get some of our friends. The only one she brought back was Jodan, the pirate. Our first try at it, we tried using Toga’s laser eyes to shoot at the time machine to start it up. That wasn’t a very good idea. I said, “ What if we use my blue pixie dust and sparkles to start it up?” “ Let’s try it,” said Nikki. So I got my pixie dust and sparkles and sprinkled them all over

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