Background On Hiv / Aids

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Background on HIV/AIDS
Access to healthcare has been a factor for patients livening with HIV/AIDS in promoting and sustaining health. The advances of HIV/AIDS over the years have been a step in the direction of understanding of how best to deliver primary care while at the same time give the accessibility of new medication regimens. People living with HIV/AIDS are now living longer lives through medical advancements through medication therapy and by practicing a healthy lifestyle. A first step in ensuring that patients are actively involved in their care is to create systems that include mechanisms for coordination and communication of care. Furthermore, efforts starting with the community on receiving educational information about the virus and how to protect themselves as well as others in order to prevent the virus from expanding. The initial step would be is to identify an individual during the testing process of a rapid HIV test. If the patient is positive then this is where care coordination is a major step for linkage into care treatment. If the patient were to test negative, then education needs to be reinforced and the individual would need to return in three months to repeat test. Organization to a health care system may well be the best solution for an ongoing amount of care coordination. Thus far, the primary approach to improve patient interactions with the health care system has been to provide more resources. In navigating the health care system, patients make…

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