Bacteria Is The Next Gatorade

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Is Bacteria the Next Gatorade?
It is a fact that there are exceptional athletes all across the globe. America withholds the astounding Michael Phelps. Jamaica is home to the quickest man on Earth- Usain Bolt. Each and every day, new athletes are being bred for competition. Students and adults alike spend hundreds of hours training. They limit themselves to strict diets. Athletes have been known to do the craziest things. Have we ever thought that we were just born inheriting something to make one stand out above the rest? Is that even possible? Instead, must we train to reach such a level of sufficiency? Can sports change our body and its genetic makeup? In recent studies, scientists have found that different sports have created different bacteria in different locations of the body which they believe contributes to specific and astounding athletic abilities.
Johnathan Scheiman, Ph.D., claims that these results were not what he was initially looking for. Scheiman claims, “When we first started thinking about this, I was asked whether we could use genomics to predict the next Michael Jordan.” Basically, the researchers were at first interested in the field of biology that focuses on genomes. This includes the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of the genomes, which can be used to make genetic predictions. This allows many scientists to trace inherited diseases down different family lines across many generations, and even predict the next generation where the disease

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