Bad Food Tastes Good But Can Kill You Essay

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Bad Food Tastes Good But Can Kill You McDonald 's, In-And-Out, and Carl’s Jr are all good places to go eat. Just thinking about these fast food joints makes your mouth water. Most Americans go to these fast food places every week. It is a weekly visit and addiction, although these foods taste good they are very bad for one 's health. They can cause health problems and in severe cases death. There is advertisements and screenings about fast food or junk food everywhere now. A person can not go somewhere without being bombarded with food advertisements. Everyone wants to live a good long healthy life, that is why there should be more tax on fast foods. Obesity is now a common thing in America, from children to adults. Over the years fast food advertisements have skyrocketed the marketing for bad foods. In “Don 't Blame the Eater,” David Zinczenko states “Before 1994, diabetes in children was generally caused by genetic disorder…. Today according to National Institutes of Health, Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30 percent of all new childhood cases of diabetes in this country.”(4) He is basically saying that because of the rising in obesity there has been more children with diabetes than in 1994. This is a very serious issue because many children are now at risk of developing diabetes by their teenage years. As Zinczenko addresses “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that diabetes accounted for $2.6

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