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The world is mostly based off labels. Most of these labels are given to people by others who don’t even know the one being given the label. I believe that no one should be judged or given a label by someone who does not fully understand their personality and ways of life. Every day, many struggle to deal with the idea that others have a negative opinion of them. Sometimes being associated with the wrong people can give others this opinion of you, or sometimes people might hear something that someone has spread about you, whether true or not, that can lead them to forming their opinion of you. Either way, I believe that one’s opinion of you should not lead you to doing things that make you unhappy or uncomfortable, just to please them. Labels are often wrongly given, because many don’t fully learn about someone else before giving them a label.
I believe that there is more to people than what meets the eye. There’s always some sensitivity in the people who act like nothing can break them, or some insecurity in those who act like they are better than everyone, because downgrading others makes them feel better about themselves. Sometimes …show more content…

These labels are not something that should be used in a offensive way. Using one’s religion to label them negatively, or making fun of someone for their sexualty is just another reason why labels can often be used in the wrong way. I believe that no one has the right to just assume things about people because of the way they look, act, or what they believe in, and give them a label that could potentially be offensive and sometimes life threatening. The labels people have been given can lead to them feeling insecure or unsure of who they want to be, when in reality, we were all made to be exactly like we

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