Bad Luck : The Story Between Skidmore And Slugman

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Bad Luck As stories are written, they are used to inform their readers of certain information. But some stories may not ever come out fully and explain every detail of what may have happened to create the story itself. The case of the mystery pretzel between Skidmore and Manchester raised many questions that evolved into rumors. Although it is never stated in the story, the author implies that the pretzel may have been poisoned to cause Manchester to die because of only one given reason, his brother. Throughout the story, there are many strange details that would cause one to consider this theory. One reason someone may believe that Skidmore poisoned his brother is because of who his brother was. Skidmore was described as an outcast. Everyone knew of Manchester, his older and much larger brother, but nobody truly ever understood who he was or what he wanted in life. He spent a majority of his time around the Slugger baseball team, ultimately to imply that he wanted to feel welcomed. As time went on, I think he may have lost that feeling even as he fought hard to fit in. Nobody truly understood what Skidmore had plans for, and the more time they spent around him the weirder they felt he was. In the story the author writes, “In face, nobody could ever remember seeing Skidmore Boddlebrooks’s eyes at all. He gave everyone the creeps.” The people he spent almost every day with even began to question things about him and who he was becoming. Another reason one might say

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