Bag Conversion Advantages And Disadvantages

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Bag Conversion:-

Bag Conversion:-
High speed bag conversion are used for producing bottom folded bag manufacturing and These new generations machines are suitable for conversional bag uses and designed for cross cutting the tubular fabric and bottom folding and sewing and stacking sewn woven sack made from roll of tubular woven pp/Hdpe fabric. Their state of the art automated functions results in quality cut of sewn bags. Bag Conversion of pp woven fabric/Hdpe
Multi Filament Yarn:-
Multi-filament yarn spin-draw-wind line used offer highly flexible concept of compact melt spinning lines. Each is uniquely suited to address strategic and operational needs at optimal cost. They are ideal for production of high tenacity, medium to heavy denier yarn in small …show more content…

Krishnan as a private firm and was engaged in the manufacture of woven bags. In 1983 it was taken over by an entrepreneur the leadership of Mr. Vimal Sipani assumed the mantle as Managing Director and continued the business and transformed it into a profit making venture with promotion of the sale of HDPE/PP woven bags in entire southern region of the sub-continent.

The major decision by current organization head of Managing Director in the year 1990 in introduce the manufacturing of polypropylene Fabrics and marketing of woven fabric as saleable product was the preeminent one in the sub-continent woven sack industrial market, which laid down the foundation for not only the expansion of company’s business but in the emergence of numerous small /medium scale entrepreneurs, and till date the company is good example for other companies to follow the footsteps. expand its business base the company took it second major decision to take over another running unit in Jigani namely M/S Hoysala Blow Moulders at Bangalore and expansion and achieved the status of largest manufacturer in country in HDPE/PP woven fabric

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