Lbs Textiles Case Study Essay

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LBS Textiles Case Study LBS Textile Overview: LBS Textiles is a firm that designs fabrics for wholesale markets in North-East America. The company has experienced a modest growth over the last three years. LBS Textiles operates on a 300 node network system running Windows and have 400 people working on them. The firm operates on its homegrown distribution and accounting system that runs on legacy systems. It is assumed LBS Textiles has proprietary fabric designs that are used by the weaving plants to create products, which attract all demographics in the Northeast America. Current Challenges in the market: The following challenges lurking round LBS Textiles manifest threat of existence. The price discounts offered by the weaving…show more content…
This trait can be leveraged to build systems on par with the new technologies. An addition of 25% of personnel, expert in modern technologies and equipments would enhance the ability of the firm to start an e-business system that would enable LBS Textiles make a global presence, capture the national and international markets. Increase in the number of clients that LBS Textiles can reach out to will increase the volume of trade. The increase in trade brings in direct returns to the company. The expansion of markets and increase in clients indirectly increases the volume of sales and aid in boosting the returns to LBS Textiles. The company needs to evaluate the demand of the various demographics across the globe and develop newer attractive designs. The Research of newer technologies or designs to attract newer markets and wider demographics will incur expenses but the successful outcomes when channelized through the development teams produce the actual product for direct revenue generation. The major fashion, garments and textile industries in the USA are along the East or West Coasts. LBS Textiles is strategically planning to expand its reach, to either sides of coastal America, into closer proximities of the weaving plants within the nation to better sense their needs and respond effectively. LBS Textiles will need to deploy agents that can gather information directly from the clients and demonstrate how their designs and technologies can improve client’s
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