Bail Bond Research Paper

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The world of lawyers, courts and bail bonds companies can be incredibly confusing at a time when you're also scared for a loved one. Hopefully, these commonly asked questions and answers will help make the process less frightening for you and your loved one. What is Bail? This might seem like a basic question, but it's one that's asked frequently. When someone has been arrested, the court wants to ensure that they'll return. Bail is security that is provided to the court that will guarantee the person shows up for all their court appearances. What is a Bail Bonds, and a Bail Bond Agent? As the loved one of the arrested person, you want to see them out of jail as soon as possible. When they have a bail amount set, a portion of that amount has to be paid to the court. Unfortunately, that amount can be quite high, and you'll…show more content…
This is why they'll visit a bond agent. Each office has their own rules and standards, but often collateral can include jewelry, cars, personal credit or a home. Will the Co-Signer Get the Premium Returned? While the bail bond office will pay the court, there is a premium that is required for the service of a San Diego bail bonds agent. This premium is often a certain percentage of the bond amount as well as service fees. Most bail bonds offices will keep most of the premium for their services even when the defendent appears at all their court appointments. You'll need to ask the bail bond office about their policies. At most bail bonds offices, including San Diego bail bonds, the agents understand that this can be incredibly confusing. They'll work patiently to answer all your questions, and help you with the release of your loved one. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you have before you pledge to pay the premium for the bond. It's vital that you understand the process
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