Baird Decision Model

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Baird Decision Model Introduction Be Attentive: The values that resonate with me include being honest and forthright, saying what you mean but avoid insulting people. Get the job done you were expected to do, that is a value I hold very high. When we look at the political dynamics in Washington, D.C., we note that in the most recent polls the U.S. Congress has achieved an 82 percent negative rating from the American public. Americans value hard work and accomplishments, and in truth neither of those values are apparent in the Congress. That is, only 12 percent of those polled believe that Congress is doing what voters sent them there to do. My values were formed by my father and mother, my older siblings, and also from my closest friends. Finish your assignments with class and competence, treat others the way you wish to be treated, give others the benefit of the doubt before passing judgment these values are from my family and my closest most trusted friends. Be Intelligent: When I think of "personal ethics" it relates to what I believe deep inside, but it can also identify the way I perceive others. When I see a mother screaming at her 4th grade son in front of a house down the street, my personal ethics find that disgusting. If a parent has an issue with a child, take the child indoors and communicate with civility; that's ethical, not just in the sense of fairness for the child, but why should neighbors have to hear a screaming, impatient mother? Taking priority for
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