Ballet Dance Intensive Essay

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University of Iowa Ballet Dance Intensive This week I attended a week-long Ballet intensive at Hasley Hall in the University of Iowa's Dance department under the directorship of Kathryn Smith. Other faculty members include Eleanor Goudie-Averill, the ballet and conditioning teacher, Alexandra Bush, the ballet and Variations teacher, and Melanie Swihart, the modern, jazz, and yoga teacher. They also all taught dance appreciation during lunch. Getting up at 6:30 am every morning was hard. I don't usually get up that early. For breakfast i had one of two things, a protein shake or a smoked salmon bagel form the bagel shop. I had to force myself to eat breakfast because I'm almost never hungry in the morning. I didn't want to be starving half way through ballet class. Megan, my little sister, absolutely hated my protein shakes and had an attitude towards me when I put up her hair. We were the first ones to arrive at Hasley Hall. We …show more content…

Melanie showed us different styled of modern dance and had us do so many fun combinations. My favorite part was going across the floor. She always said that there is no wrong way of doing things. She took the time to show us a combination more than once if we needed it. Modern was one of my favorite classes.
In jazz Ms. Melanie had us do a whole bunch of fun exercises and combinations. She also taught us a fun dance. WE did sassy, goofy, jumpy things all of class. Jazz was the most fun of all the classes.
A couple of days Ms. Melanie would cut jazz and modern short by a little bit so she do yoga with us. It was hard, but yet somehow relaxing. I’m new to yoga. It requires lots of balance and concentration. The balance part wasn’t so bad, however staying focused was. My mind kept wandering to other places than my breathing.
The first couple of days I was really tired and sore. As my body got used to the large amounts of dancing I wasn’t sore at all and I was swinging from the ceiling fan because in had so much

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