Bandwagon Argument Analysis

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This paper will focus on different logical fallacy such as bandwagon argument, appeal to snobbery, and false cause. The logical fallacy that the writer may have conveyed in the article is the bandwagon argument. The bandwagon argument has a general structure: Everybody believes such – and – such or does such- and such; therefore, you should believe or do such- and –such, too. For instance the writer mentioned that work, education, and healthcare is essential for the refugee family. Then the writer went further to state that the “world apparently” admired the ideal of good healthcare, work and education for the refugee family. So, therefore if everyone loves that vision, then it is important to fit in and accept the vision rather than sticking out …show more content…

The author claims that in order to avoid threats from the outsiders, the catholic community should come together every day and everywhere in unity instead of only Sunday morning in church. Even if a group might happen to think that way about threats, it is not a logical reason for why one should act in conformity. The writer quotes: “now is the time for Catholics to unite not only on Sunday morning in church, but on every day and in every place where.” Lastly, a false cause fallacy may have been portrayed in the article. Thus, a false cause fallacy occurs whenever the link between premises and conclusion depends on someone imagined causal connection that probably does not exist. Furthermore, there are different kinds of false causes, such as the first, second, and third argument of the false cause. Nevertheless, the second and third argument illustrate a variety of the false cause fallacy that is oversimplified by the cause. So, the second and third argument states, when what is taken to be the cause of something is not really the cause at all and the mistake is based on something other than mere temporal

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