Bang Gang Film Techniques

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Bang Gang is the movie released on 11 Sep, 2015. Directed by Eva Husson and produced by Didar, Laurent and Gael Nouaille. The script is written by Eva Husson and its French version is about to release in January 2016. The lead star of the movie is Finnegan Oldfield and time duration is 98 minutes. The movie was selected to be shown in 2015 TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). The movie is about the sexual exploits done by teenagers in the bed and on the beaches of Biarritz.

It is the bold directorial film of Eva Husson and will be followed in the long tradition of coming age films. The sentiments in the movie are swapped with sex games. Girl role is played by Marilyn Lima and the boy's role is performed by Finnegan Oldfield. Finnegan
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Director Eva Husson is a good filmmaker, but this movie is like unwavering demand of teenage sexuality. Here, the part to appreciate is the unique photographic eye that makes it different from other films of the same type. Sensual, but full of Lush lifestyle is primarily part of the move Bang Gang (A modern love story). The movie is like capturing the teen's behavior and their living style.

The drama goes on with naturalistic performances by the stars. Husson induces a different sensuality that is completely uncomfortable. In some parts of the movie you will find that Husson is not once judgmental with the characters. However, Bang Gang is the movie for open-minded people. It is completely a shy away reality that we are not adopting in today's society. The random brutalities and the caustic insecurities motivates teenagers cross their limits and they get into a situation where they are helpless.

The parts played by stars in the movie are directed in such a way that we can realize and see the difference in teen's behavior. After watching the movie, you will can find the difference in mentality of teenagers. The reviews and opinion given by experts about the movie describes that we are always neglecting the teens because they need more support at that
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