Bank Of Bannockburn : A Medium Sized Bank

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Bank of Bannockburn, incorporated in 2009, is a medium sized bank employing about 1500 people and has 25 branches throughout the country. Its primary business is consumer banking and it also provides loans to small businesses throughout the country. Due to the small number of branches, it requires its staff to travel extensively to meet potential clients especially for business loans. The bank maintains a robust security system in terms of facility and network access throughout its corporate offices. Employees and visitors are required to wear badges at all times, network access is strictly restricted to employees only and employees are well aware of the security risks associated with their customers’ personal and financial information through the trainings they have received. The bank prides itself on having one of the best security implementations and there has not been any major security incident throughout its existence.
Sam, one of the bank’s employees in the loan department, travels to New Jersey to meet one of his potential clients. The client had contacted Sam to enquire about the bank’s loan procedures and wanted to apply for a loan of 1 million dollars. This was a great business opportunity for Sam. During the meeting, the customer wants to know some more details since the loan amount is large. He wants specific information regarding the late payment penalties and the past records of the bank involving high value loans. The customer intends to take loans from

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